• About

    It is my work. It is what I love to do.

    I teach people how to figure out exactly which gluten free (and dairy free as needed) foods will nourish them. I help them see that when it comes to finding food that tastes delicious and helps them feel healthy and whole, their choices are as big as the sky. Bigger even than that.

    I help people bust open their food limitations and see the glass as being totally full. It’s about saying YES and exploring and experimenting and being grateful for the food we CAN eat.

    I believe that we all deserve to feel great, to feel whole, alive, and bursting with a desire to live the best and healthiest life we can.

    I guide people who are ready for a breakthrough. People who are ready to move beyond letting their gluten issues define them but instead are ready take steps that will enable them to feel the best they’ve ever felt.

    In a Nutshell…

    After being diagnosed with Celiac in November 2005, it took me exactly two seconds to embrace being gluten free. People ask me if I was ever frustrated. I tell them no, cause it’s the truth. I decided from the outset that I would make it work with flying colors and firecrackers and hoop de la. And I did. I’ve never felt better, my hair has mostly grown back, and even though I’ve picked up a few other autoimmune diseases along the way, I’m happy and eternally grateful that I feel as wonderful as I do. I’m in just the right place to be able to help you and here’s why…

    • I was born and raised in Lakewood, NJ, in a family that valued food not only because it tasted delicious but because it always brought us together.

    • It wasn’t until I was 50 and diagnosed with Celiac that we figured out why I was always such a skinny kid who walked around hungry all the time.

    • While mom was a great cook, I never learned to love cooking until I was 22. Once that happened, all of my meals centered around bagels and pasta. Some things never change:).

    • I love food. Planning, shopping, cooking, baking, eating. All of it. Love it. Gluten never gets in my way.

    • From a very early age, I learned to live with perpetual bloat. And gas. Ba boom de boom boom boom.

    • I was a public school elementary vocal music teacher for four years in the late 70’s and my choirs won competitions every year that I conducted them.

    • I teach music to preschoolers and when they wrap their arms around my legs and say “I love you, Miss Ellen!”, I’m in heaven.

    • I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

    • I am a Certified Life Coach through The Transformational Coaching Method.

    • I absolutely love to juice watermelons.

    • I’m really good at baking gluten free bread.

    • I often hear a word or phrase and immediately break out in a song that has those words in it. It’s called Lyrics Disease. It’s the best disease I have.

    • I’ve gone without TV for years and don’t miss it at all. Except for reruns of CSI. That I miss.

     I’ve made it work. And I can help you do the same.

    More of the details…

    My name is Ellen Allard. I am the Gluten Free Diva. I am a gluten free recipe collector and creator of gluten free deliciousness, amateur food photographer, gluten free food writer (with a special fondness for gluten free bread baking) and a Holistic Health Coach with a passion for teaching others how easy it is to follow a gluten free diet, one that allows them to eat safely and deliciously, whether eating at home,  a restaurant, dining at someone else’s house or traveling.

    In early 2005, I was diagnosed with Alopecia, an autoimmune condition that attacked the hair follicles on my scalp. Exactly 8 months later, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It took the better part of 3 years of being 100% gluten free (like it was my job) for my hair to grow mostly back.

    Shortly after my Celiac diagnosis, I started a blog called I Am Gluten Free. After 5 years of blogging under that blog name, I became the Gluten Free Diva.

    Blogging helped me deal with the struggle. Writing about my story, getting comments from people who subscribed to my blog and made my recipes, living my gluten free life, all of it helped me deal with the loss of food as I knew it for the first 50 years of my life.

    It’s been amazing to watch the whole gluten free landscape evolve into what it is today. I’m not sure when it happened, but suddenly, it seemed that gluten free was hip. Everyone and anyone knows someone who either has to or chooses to follow a gluten free diet.

    After finding myself frequently answering questions and counseling people on how to “do” gluten free, I decided to earn a certification as a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I combined my love of cooking, getting healthy, and eating gluten free with my desire to serve and teach others the same thing.

    It is my passion to shorten your gluten free learning curve so that it is manageable and you can embrace it with a positive attitude and a strong dose of enthusiasm.

    It is so easy to be gluten free! I’m here to teach you how to do it. You will have all the tools you need to ease into your gluten free healthy lifestyle.

    • Will I ever eat bread again? Yes.

    • How will my family deal with it? You’ll know exactly what to tell them.

    • Will I know how to eat out at restaurants? Absolutely.

    • Can I make my grandmother’s coffee cake gluten free? They’ll never know the difference.

    • Will I know what to eat at restaurants? Much easier than you think.

    • Flying? Long car rides? Eating at friends’ houses? Piece of cake.

    • Where will I find gluten free recipes? You’ll be amazed at the resources I share with you.

    I will teach you how to make this work. You will see just how easy it is. And you won’t look back for one moment. Together, we’ll knock this out of the park.