• Balance for Busy Moms: A Stress-Free Guide to Tranquility



    I am so honored to have been chosen to contribute a chapter to the book “Balance for Busy Moms: A Stress-Free Guide to Tranquility”. My chapter is entitled “Gluten Free for a Happy Belly” and is directed at moms who have young children with either Celiac or gluten intolerance.

    If you are a mom, you will love this book. It will bring you sheer joy and tears, provide you with loads of inspiration to create change from within. A mom’s job is the most difficult on the planet, so try adding relationships, community, career and self-care into the picture. Moms can feel like an epic failure in moments when things appear out of control. Isn’t this our job to keep things running smoothly: kids fed, family healthy, house cleaned, husbands happy, self-beautification (if not he may look elsewhere), money rolling in as a contribution to your household and family, a friendly smile to your neighbors, a helping hand to the community and world, a best friend, nurse and home administrator? Sounds like a lot right? Surprisingly, it’s reality to most moms.

    This book is about women professionals who love solving problems, sharing stories and inspiring moms to live up to their fullest potential. Each chapter is a lesson to coach mom on certain topics, in which fulfill the completion of the circle of life- 12 areas: joy, spirituality, creativity, finances, career, education, health, physical activity, home environment, relationships, social life and health . Each co-author brings a little piece of the puzzle to complete the big picture of how moms can be victorious over stress, toxic energy, unhappiness and unhealthy habits by gently empowering with stories and solutions moms can apply in their life for healing and restoration to the whole mind, body and spirit.

    Moms will want to get up and dance, smile from ear to ear, hold their loves one dear and cry in happiness. When you finally find something that lifts your spirit, gets right to the core of the dilemma, brings light onto the truth, makes your heart sing, and helps to create space for a meaningful life, you don’t ever want to leave it or let it go. This is that book. You’ll fall in love with each of my fellow co-authors for their sweet, authentic and empowered voice as they gift moms across the world with invaluable information on motherhood and how to breakthrough a limiting mindset, lifestyle and practices; and mindfully guide mom to create the life of their dreams as a loving parent, woman, lover and friend.