• Gluten Free Diva Healthy Habits Spring Detox

    Gluten Free Diva Healthy Habits Spring Detox

    Springtime. Clean eating for a Clean Body. Real, whole food. No fasting. No deprivation. Easy to follow. You’ll want to stay on it even after the 15 days is over.


    15 Day Spring Detox 2014

    [su_quote]Ellen Allard really knows her stuff. She is professional and compassionate. When I talk, Ellen really listens. – Victoria Mullins[/su_quote]



    Have you been bogged down by extra weight you put on over the winter?

    Have you been chowing down on too many of your kid’s leftovers?

    Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, bloated and just plain old blah?

    Are you READY to feel AMAZING?

    Then hop on board and join my tribe.

    How totally awesome would it be if you were so energized that you could jump out of bed in the morning, ready to go? What if you were no longer lured into joining your co-worker for that mid-afternoon 3 PM snack stash raid? What if you didn’t have to snooze on your desk after lunch? Imagine having a ton of energy to keep up with your kids!!!

    With this detox, you will:


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    • Reduce inflammation and eliminate joint pain
    • Boost your metabolism
    • No more bloat
    • Cravings for empty sugar and carbohydrates eliminated
    • Poop regularly (there’s no gentle way to say this, sorry)
    • More energy to do more things you love
    • Wake up feeling rested and alive
    • Mood swings will decrease as you balance your blood sugar
    • Your skin will glow as you remove toxins
    • Stay more focused
    • Confident and proud of your decision to take care of yourself
    • Empowered to put what you learn about healthy eating, proper nutrition and helpful supplements into action



    [su_highlight]Have you thought about doing a detox but needed some direction? This program is for you.[/su_highlight]

    [su_quote]I totally got rid of my sugar highs and lows. Bye Bye. No more crazy mood swings. I’ve upped my self-care and I’m positive that this detox, a major turning point in my life, made this possible. And Ellen helped me understand how important it is to make the commitment to get 8 hours of sleep every single night. No compromising on that one. -Angelina Ward[/su_quote]

    [su_highlight]What’s included in the Gluten Free Diva Healthy Habits Spring Detox?[/su_highlight]

    • Spring Detox Guide – a step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to detox in naturally and safely
    • Suggested Meal Planner – a meal planner with suggested recipes from the 60+ Recipe Guide
    • Suggested Shopping List – makes grocery shopping, prepping, cooking and clean-up super easy
    • Your Healthy Habits Success Kit – increase your chances for success by answering questions that will help you gain clarity about why you’re doing this detox
    • To Grain Or Not To Grain: Health begins in your gut. Explore whether grains are a problem for you
    • Meal Planner – fill out this blank daily meal planner that will enable and encourage you to make healthy choices
    • Food Diary – a powerful tool to bring awareness to how your food choices contribute to your physical and emotional balance
    • Pre & Post Detox Questionnaire – get a baseline reading of where you are before you begin your detox and a recap reading of where you are after you complete the detox
    • Recipe Guide – 60+ chef-tested recipes (you’ll want to keep these in your regular recipe rotation) to improve digestion, decrease inflammation and keep you from being hungry
    • Daily Email Support – each day, receive an email from me for support & accountability
    • Handouts  – Why All The Fuss About Sugar?, What The Heck Is Castor Oil?, Glycemic Index Demystified
    • Questions Answered – All of your questions answered in my private “Members Only” online Gluten Free Diva Healthy Habits Facebook Forum

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    [su_highlight]When Does It Start?[/su_highlight]

    Monday, May 5, an early spring day, perfect for starting our detox. Gardens have begun to take shape, summer is not too far away. A great time to renew and recharge our bodies. Mark your calendars. Yes, I’m going to be doing this Spring Detox right along with you. I want you to join me. Let’s do this together!

    [su_quote]My coach, Ellen Allard, understands and effectively communicates the benefits of looking at the big picture. She helped me get off the diet roller coaster for the first time in my life. Ellen lives and breathes what she teaches – she feels passionate about her own health and fitness, and inspires that in me. I was so tired of trying diet after diet. I knew it was time to make long-term sustainable changes that would see me through all of the stages of my life. On Ellen’s Fall detox, I found my equilibrium and a strength and determination I never knew I had. – Leslie MacKnight[/su_quote]

    15 Simple And Delish Days


    This Gluten Free Diva Healthy Habits Spring Detox is designed to boost your energy, help you sleep like a baby and give your body the spring tune-up that you’re looking for. This program will give you a supercharged detox, nourishing your body and helping you feel lighter and leaner as we head into spring.

    [su_highlight]1. ANYTIME PRICE DETOX WITH A FRIEND (BEST DEAL, TWO FOR ONE): $154 ($77 each)[/su_highlight]

    [su_highlight]2. REGULAR PRICE STARTING 5/2/14: $127[/su_highlight]

    —>>>Click on dropdown below to choose price option, then click on “Buy Now” button. Your welcome letter will be sent within 24 hours and you will receive your Detox Docs on 5/2/14. Program starts on 5/5/14. You can purchase and begin your detox after our official start date if it works better for your schedule.<<—

    Spring Detox Prices

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