Thank you for your interest in my work! I would love to speak with you about how we can work together. With two education degrees, over 30 years of teaching and speaking to groups large and small, I am passionate about utilizing my blog reach, as the Gluten Free Diva, to help others in their efforts to go (and stay) gluten free. I am I look forward to speaking with you. Please contact me for further information at ellen@glutenfreediva.com.

    These are my services:

    • Sponsored Posts
    • Product Reviews
    • Freelance Writing (topics include but aren’t limited to gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, traveling with dietary challenges, gluten free & children, cooking on a budget, etc. You can read about my writing here. )
    • Speaking (I am also a successful multi-award-winning recording artist, Early Childhood Music Specialist and touring musician; I’ve performed concerts and presented keynotes and workshops for over 100,000 teachers in the last 30 years; I love speaking and teaching others how to do gluten free – it is my passion.)
    • Additional Opportunities (Bring it on! I am open to exploring other new and creative ways that we can work together on projects not currently listed here. Let’s chat and talk about how we can collaborate!)


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