• Ultimate 28 Day Five Step Gluten Free Jumpstart


    ULTIMATE 28 DAY FIVE STEP GLUTEN FREE JUMPSTART: Banish The Bloat, Save Time & Money AND Learn Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Going Gluten Free & So Much More

    After being gluten free for 8 years, Ellen Allard, the Gluten Free Diva, has developed a jumpstart program which will allow you to invest in your own health from the convenience of your own home. Taught by Ellen via phone or skype, this is YOUR transition to a lasting Gluten Free transformation. It will get you moving, fast. These sessions are the foundation for all of Ellen’s Gluten Free Diva Health Coaching services and are guaranteed to show you how you can banish the bloat and love the food that will love you back. Commit to this journey of discovery and begin to see positive changes in all parts of your life.

    These sessions are for you if you need some quick motivation and guidance to either get you started going gluten free or get you back on the gluten free bandwagon if you’ve strayed from it.

    The Big Picture:

    • Learn the What/Where/Why/When/How of Going Or Staying Gluten Free
    • Learn How To Read Labels
    • Know Where To Look For Hidden Sources of Gluten
    • Learn Simple Techniques For Delicious Gluten Free Baking Without Breaking The Bank
    • Discover Effective Strategies For Safe Gluten Free Travel
    • Uncover The Best Ways To Get Your Family On Board

    The Details:

    • 4 weekly 50 minute calls via phone or skype + if you pay in full, you’ll receive BON– USES that include one additional free “How Can I Move Forward?” Strategy Session at the conclusion of the jumpstart (see below for additional bonuses)
    • Initial Consultation is included
    • Includes session recordings and email support for duration of your sessions
    • One payment of $597 or two payments of $298.50

    What You’ll Learn:

    Step 1: The What/Where/Why/When/How of Going Gluten Free

    • What the heck is gluten anyway?
    • Where is it found? Where are the hidden places it can lurk?
    • Why did this happen to me? (how to stop feeling sorry for yourself and not cry like a baby every time you go to the supermarket)?
    • Learn to deal with the inevitable “Can’t you just have one bite?” question that you’ll hear over and over again from well-meaning people
    • Figure out gluten free label-reading without making it into a full-time job

    Step 2: Become A Gluten Free Ninja

    • Meal Planning – your gluten free ticket to success
    • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store
    • Cook 1 time, eat 3 times
    • Using pressure cookers that don’t explode and crockpots that don’t turn everything into mush
    • Saving money: Go Gluten Free Without Going Broke

    Step 3: Gluten Free Baking For Newbies: But Will It Taste Good?

    • Do I really need to keep all those GF flours in my house?
    • There are so many GF flours and starches. Do I really need them all?
    • Use a mix to make your own delicious GF bread that your family will love and not suggest it be used as a doorstop, guaranteed
    • What else can you use your GF mixes for? (i.e. pizza mix for making burger buns, pancake mix for baking scones, Gluten Free Award-Winning Artisan Bread (and yes, it has a delicious, crispy crust)
    • Score a GF Baking Homerun: Ultimate GF Brownies that will turn heads

    Step 4: Leaving On A Jet Plane

    • Learn the Diva’s tried and true best steps for traveling gluten free
    • Use the internet to support your Gluten Free lifestyle
    • Learn exactly what questions to ask to make your trip more enjoyable for everyone
    • Sometimes even short trips to do errands can turn into longer trips than anticipated. Great tips for always being prepared.
    • Emergency on-the-road preparedness 101

    Step 5 Bonus Session: How To Make This Work For Your Entire Family

    • Why it’s important to get everyone in your family on board
    • How to make it work if you still have gluten eaters in your house
    • Do I really need to have separate jars of peanut butter and mayonnaise?
    • How to deal with well-meaning grandparents who insist on taking your kids out for pizza and donuts
    • Discover how cultivating an attitude of gratitude can shift your entire mindset and help you embrace your new gluten free way of life

    BON– USES (Value = $435):

    • Recipe e-book with two weeks’ worth of meal plans and recipes
    • Video of Ellen teaching you how to make her much beloved Gluten Free Artisan Bread
    • The Gluten Free Diva’s Little Black Book of On-The-Road Resources
    • Private 30 minute “How Can I Move Forward?” Strategy Session with the GF Diva to take place at the conclusion of the jumpstart


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