• Option 1: 30 Day Jumpstart

    [note color=”#F4ECEC”]Ultimate 4 Step Slam Dunk Gluten Free Solutions: How To Banish The Bloat, Save Time, Save Money AND Learn to Make Gluten Free Taste So Delicious That Everyone Begs For Your Recipes!*[/note]

    This is a 4 step, 4 session (PLUS 1 BONUS session) Gluten Free 30 Day Jumpstart, your first step in investing in your own health. This is YOUR transition to a lasting Gluten Free transformation. It will get you moving, fast. You will get my special treatment right out of the gate, at my lowest rock bottom price. Five sessions which form the foundation for all of my Gluten Free Diva Health Coaching Programs and are guaranteed to show you how you can banish the bloat and love the food that will love you back. I will guide you on a journey of discovery, a journey that will surprise you with deliciously simple recipes and strategies for immediate success. I will be there for you, 24/7 (Mon – Thurs). And the best part is that you will begin to see positive changes in all parts of your life. 4 Steps. 5 sessions. 30 Days.

    *My coaching schedule only allows for two 30 Day Ultimate 4 Step Slam Dunk Gluten Free Solutions clients per month. If my schedule is full, you will be added to a waiting list, first come, first served.

    Would you like to experience the following results?

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    • No more bloat!!!
    • Figure out how NOT to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen and still eat delicious meals
    • Stock your pantry with gluten free foods that pack a nutritional punch AND taste delicious
    • Learn how to cook and bake gluten free foods that will knock everyone’s socks off
    • Watch your cravings disappear and your energy soar


    Step 1: Plan for your success

    The first step in jumpstarting your gluten free success is having a plan that works in your favor, a big-bang-for-your-buck plan that doesn’t take much time but will save you from standing in front of the frig night after night, wondering what to make for supper. Planning will give you the keys to the kingdom.

    Step 2: Stock a pantry & frig full of delicious gluten free foods

    The second step in jumpstarting your gluten free success is focusing on how to incorporate real, whole foods into your everyday eating. Foods that will nourish you AND taste delicious. Foods that will give you a dizzying infusion of amazing phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals and contribute mightily to healing your gut. Foods that you can pronounce. Ingredients that you can identify.

    Step 3: Learn to remake your oldies but goodies

    The third step in jumpstarting your gluten free success is developing a set of recipes that you and your family love. Create your very own collection of go-to recipes that can be plugged into your customized plan for gluten free success.

    Step 4: Watch our for land mines!

    The fourth step in jumpstarting your gluten free success is being able to articulate the way you eat to friends and family in a non-preachy, non-whiny way. Own your choices with confidence and panache.

    This program includes:

    • Four 60 minute weekly phone or Skype sessions featuring Ellen’s Transformational Health Coaching training
    • Action steps emailed to you after each session
    • One additional 30 minute Bonus session at the conclusion of your 30 day program to determine next best steps
    • The Gluten Free Diva’s Guide To Gluten Free e-book
    • Sample menus with quick, delicious and nourishing recipes for one week
    • One of the Gluten Free Diva’s favorite gluten free cookbooks
    • Unlimited email support between sessions (Mon – Thurs)
    • BONUS: One gift box full of the Gluten Free Diva’s favorite MUST-HAVE gluten free pantry items

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