• Soy Veggie Chorizo & Nacho Cheeze Sauce

    by Ellen Allard on March 29, 2015 · 0 comments

    Soy Veg Chorizo & Nacho Cheeze final

    I love leftovers. They make my life easy and uncomplicated. I made this last night, had it again tonight, will most likely revisit it again tomorrow night. It was delicious and I love delicious. It was healthy and I love healthy.

    Recipe? You say you want a recipe? Except for the nacho cheeze sauce, I winged (wanged?!?) this one, but I’ll try my best to recreate it. In the spirit of improvisation (I’m a musician, after all), winging has become a normal occurrence in my kitchen. I’m kinda liking the freedom it gives me.

    Was I surprised at my annual physical last week? Well, not completely. This winter, with all the snow in the northeast, I packed on a few pounds. Though truth be told, I can’t completely blame it on the winter. I also discovered cocktails. Manhattans, to be exact. I don’t care for the cherry that’s usually added to this drink, but I love my Manhattan. However, I’m only drinking them on special occasions, at least for the time being. And I’m also venturing into cooking oil-free when I can. Bathing suit season will soon be upon us.

    The components include:

    Jasmine Rice

    I made this in my Instant Pot (for special Diva pricing, click on the picture of the Instant Pot in the right sidebar of this post). This is my new hands down favorite appliance. It has taken the place of my rice cooker, pressure cooker, and slow cooker. You can even saute in it. I make yogurt in it too. I put 1 cup jasmine rice in the cooker. I added 1 3/4 c. water and a spoonful of Better Than Bouillon Vegetable Base. Press the “rice” button. It’ll automatically cook for 12 minutes, once it comes up to pressure. When it’s done, vent it so the steam is released and let sit for another 12 minutes. Perfect jasmine rice.

    Soy Veggie ChorizoMixture

    Saute a small onion in vegetable stock. Add one small chopped zucchini and one large portobello mushroom (or a handful of small ones). Cook on medium heat until to your liking. Then add 1/2 of a package of either Helen’s Veggie Chorizo or Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo (make sure you squeeze the mixture out of the plastic sleeve). I like them both equally. I think the TJ’s is a bit spicier. Add spices of your choice. I added some Penzey’s Arizona Dreaming and Chicken Taco Seasoning (don’t know why it’s called Chicken Taco Seasoning – it’s great on everything vegetarian, no chicken involved). Cook for a few minutes while you pull together the rest of the meal.

    Nacho Cheeze Sauce

    The Cheeze sauce is the Real-Deal Nacho Cheeze Sauce from Kid Tested Firefighter Approved. It is beyond scrumptious. I didn’t include chilis. Thanks to Plant-Fueled Trucker for sharing this (found him on Facebook, love his posts and his dedication to health).

    How easy is that? Jasmine Rice, Soy Chorizo & Veggies, Cheeze Sauce. Yum.

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